Cocktails and Beer List

House Classics and House Originals

  • Call Me Old Fashioned 11

    Old Forester Bourbon, Old Forester Rye, Turbinado, House Blend Bitters

  • A Churchill in Manhattan 10

    Old Forester Rye, Carpano Antica,
    Cocchi di Torino , Angostura bitters

  • Dry Mine Martini 10

    J Carver premium vodka, Borgia extra dry vermouth, saline solution
    Lemon Twist or dry
  • Not Carrie's Cosmo 10

    Ketel One Citron, cranberry lime shrub, Pierre Ferrand dry orange curaco
  • The Bee’s Elbow 12

    Barr Hill Honey Gin , Carpano Bianco,
    Lillet Blanc, Lavendar Bitters
  • Old Gimlet Eye 10

    Jin Jiji India dry gin, tamarind lime cordial, Angostura soaked lime,
    candied hazelnut

Beer on Tap

Bauhaus Stargazer Black Lager ESB (7.5)
Surly Todd the Axeman IPA (8)
Michelob Golden Draft Light (6.5)
Toppling Goliath Pompeii IPA (7.5)
Fulton Lonely Blonde Ale (7.5)
Summit Winter Ale (7.5)
Bent Paddle Kanu Pale Ale (7.5)
Stella Artois Belgian Pilsner (8)
(Tap Selection Subject to Change)

Beer in Bottle

Bud Light 5.50 | Michelob Ultra 5.50 | Miller Lite 5.50 | Coors Light 5.50 | Corona 6.00 | Heineken 6.50 | Guinness 6.50 | Sierra Nevada Pale 6.50 | St Paulie Girl (N/A) | Loon Juice Cider 6.00 | Samuel Smith Brown 8.00
Cider House Dry (750ml)