"Nothing but positives for Pescara on this visit! I joked with the waitress (who provided efficient and pleasant service) that I felt like I had left Rochester entirely when I entered their door."

—excerpt from Seafood Italiana a la Minnesota review by Charles on Urbanspoon.com

"My family are so picky that we rarely dine out in Rochester. The service and food quality just aren't typically worth the effort...Except for Pescara. So many wonderful choices on the menu. We really enjoy the Cioppino. It's just the best we've had--and we've eaten at some of the finest seafood places on the West coast.
I highly recommend Pescara. Wonderful atmosphere and the service is good"

The Best in Town review by B.Hilson on Urbanspoon.com

"This is a fabulous restaurant. Four well-traveled diners from Washington, DC found themselves at the Mayo Clinic at the same time. After some research we chose Pescara. It was a delight, and I wish they would open a branch near me."

—excerpt from a review posted by Jamison C. of Washington, DC on Yelp.com

"We just had two wonderful meals here. Dinner with oysters and halibut was scrumptious. The oysters were icy cold and very fresh. Hard to do in Minnesota! The halibut was the tastiest I have ever eaten.
The next morning I had the egg white scramble. I eat a lot of egg whites and this is the best preparation I have ever had. This is really a fine restaurant."

—a review posted by Howard N. of Boyne City, MI on Yelp.com

"Pescara is one of my favorite restaurants in Rochester. The service is always outstanding and the food is amazing! For lunch, I recommend the fish tacos with sweet potato fries...delicious. For dinner, I love the halibut. Oh, and if you like desserts, their bread pudding is incredible. I would highly recommend Pescara."

—a review posted on OpenTable.com

"I was dubious about going to a restaurant located in a hotel (Doubletree), but it was wonderful. Everything that we tried was fantastic! I went there for fish, and got a steak instead. I've been to Puck's 'Cut', N9NE, etc in Las Vegas, and this steak was SO much better. Pescara is really a place that you shouldn't miss if you're ever in Rochester. I'd literally travel the 2 hrs from my house to go JUST there."

—a review posted on OpenTable.com